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Fortune 500 companies rely on the Lucidum platform and its patent-pending machine learning to discover, triangulate, and identify all assets -- even previously unknown unknowns -- delivering visibility essential to truly secure, manage, and transform your enterprise.

Identify, Classify and Triangulate your data

Intellectual property, financial data, PII, PCI, source code… Most meaningful security breaches involve the exfiltration of your confidential data. Lucidum finds and categories your data. It assigns both classification and risk level — without manual operation. You tell Lucidum your information classification policy, Lucidum’s machine learning engine applies it.

Accelerate Alert Triage, Incident Response, Investigation, and Remediation

You are what you eat? Maybe. But it’s certainly true for your SIEM and service management tools. Feed them with Lucidum and get the contextual information to accelerate your security processes by a factor of ten. Tired of getting alerts with only an IP address? Frustrated when you learn that IP address has been dynamically reassigned since that alert and you’ve got no way to tie the alert to an asset or a person?

Complete Asset Visibility

Find those managed and unmanaged assets across your entire network.
Use the Lucidum query to manage the dangers of BYOD.
Faster than you can say it, invisible endpoints come into the light.

Merger and Acquisitions

Merger and Acquisitions

Identify all assets (cloud, on-premise, endpoint) and track through complete integration

Data Security

Identify all assets with highly confidential data that are not IT managed
Determine who downloaded, moved, or shared data from SaaS applications
— Find list of confidential files a user access
— Search users who have access to an important file

Data Security
IT Asset and Vulnerability Management

IT Asset and Vulnerability Management

Find all non-conforming assets, even with multiple overlapping IP spaces
Tie every result, CVE, and remediation to the correct asset, owner, and department
Track changes and improvements regardless the vulnerability management source

Information Security Engineering and Operations

Identify and connect all users, assets, physical locations, and org structures
Complete, accurate history of all users, assets, and IP addresses
Find users with multiple assets and how many (searchable), determine if IT managed
Find all unpatched and misconfigured systems whether just introduced to my environment, missed by automation, or modified by users

Information Security Engineering and Operations
Data Transformation

Data Transformation

Find all my data repositories and which departments use them
Complete datacenter inventory to shift to cloud
Ensure consistent application versioning and upgrades

Ralph Pyne
Ralph Pyne
Head of Security at NextRoll

"I expect our investment in Lucidum will yield a 10x ROI resulting from greater efficiency of other tools and a more accurate representation of the problems we need to solve."

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