Marie Curie

To know your true denominator you need more than a consolidated GUI of what you can already see. Just ask the pioneer of visibility – Marie Curie.

2021 Predictions

Our 2021 predictions go beyond specific — check out Lucidum’s month by month tour of your adventure next year.

Yuletide Yestersode

Dead mentors and enemies, holiday cocoa, oh my!

Wincing Churchill

Winston Churchill led Britain–and the world–through their finest hour. Decades earlier, he was humiliated and forced home in shame for a tragic, devastating mistake. That mistake-? You’re probably making it now.

Being Bold is Beautiful

Will to win? Determination? All-in attitude? Yes, yes, and yes. Then how did the strategic genius fail? Don’t let pride, momentum, determination to blind you. You need a complete visibility.

The Colonel’s OODA Oeuvre

A summary of an interpretation of original wisdom, isn’t just diminished; often, it’s reversed. Col John Boyd, the man you definitely wouldn’t hire, had insights you do want. And they’re not what you think you know.

Stop Chasing Pirates in the Fog

Pirate or Ninja? Ninjas excel at not being seen. Pirates see everything. Run your tech like a pirate.

Dr. John Snow

To any Game of Thrones fans, it turns out John Snow did know something.