The moment you’ve all been waiting for

We’re excited to announce the launch of Lucidum! Lucidum raises $4M seed investment from GGV Capital and Silicon Valley CISO Investments (SVCI) to automate asset discovery and eliminate blind spots across cloud, security and IT operations.

Why would I leave Splunk and start a company?

Custer, Napoleon, you. What do you have in common with the biggest disasters in strategic history? This episode: the monster under the bed.

Marc Antony and Observability

Observability, logging, monitoring, alerting — it’s Pandora’s box. All you wanted was one little use case and chaos enters the world. Doing it right? Learn your lessons from Marc Antony and Cleopatra’s failure.

Do you want to be right, or do you want to win?

Thanks to #SunTzu, we’ve talked about them. This episode it’s all about you. Well, bowls, balls, and bones, too. But mainly you.

Now that the NDA has expired

If you record yourself talk and share it with the world, you must think pretty highly of yourself… Not always true. I have great reason to be humble. Here’s one piece of evidence from a storehouse full…

Zero Logon

If you’re patching against Zerologon — don’t watch this video — keep patching! If you don’t know what Zerologon is… If your team is furiously working late nights to solve it… Here’s everything you need to know to get their back — and WFH means you have their pizza delivered.

3rd and 4th Generations of War

Imagine you’re the villain… Would you rather be invulnerable or invisible? When is it savvy to bring a knife to a gunfight? And what’s love got to do with it…? Find out, when the brilliant dead meet the cutting edge, with A Lucid View of History.

1st and 2nd Generations of War

“If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles” You’ve likely seen #SunTsu in all best techno-strategy presentations – but do you know how to use those lessons – really use them – to be successful?