Connection Page

The “Connection” page has three components: Connector Test, AirFlow Trigger and Metrics Data.



“Connector Test” is to configure and test the connections to different data sources. For example, under the “aws” connector, users can click “test all” to test the connections to different AWS services. Users can also click “config” under “Action”, fill in the role ARNs with double quotes as a comma-separated list from all additional AWS accounts in the “Assume Role” box, and click “OK”. Lucidum web UI will test if the role assuming is working for the additional AWS accounts.


“AirFlow Trigger” is to trigger Lucidum Airflow jobs manually. Users can click “run” under “Action” to trigger the daily scheduled “docker_dag” job. This will run Lucidum data injection pipeline and machine learning engines to generate the outputs. Please wait until the docker_dag’s status becomes “Success”. Depending on the data volume, the data injection process may take from 20 minutes up to several hours.


“Metrics Data” records the detailed data injection metrics from different data sources, including data injection status, start time, end time, duration, number of input records, number of output records, list of input fields, list of output fields, and more. The metrics can be searched by keywords and date ranges. The data injection flow chart on the Home page is generated from these metrics. Per agreement with the user, Lucidum may collect and return some of these metrics for better customer support, issue trouble-shoooting and product enhancement.

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