Home Page

Home page includes three parts:

Summary statistics of user, asset and data #

There are three pie charts on the homepage to display the summary statistics of user, asset, and data discovered by the Lucidum platform.

  • User pie chart: Showing users with asset found v.s. without asset found
  • Asset pie chart: Showing cloud vs. other assets
  • Data pie chart: Showing different data types discovered


All three pie charts support the “drill-down” feature. Users can click certain pieces of the pie charts to search for more detailed information on the “Explore” page.

New user, asset and data found #

On the right side of the homepage, new user/asset/data found recently will be shown in the descending order of risk. Users can click on each item to view its detailed information.

Data ingestion flow #

The data injection flow chart shows how different data sources are being injected into the Lucidum platform. Users can hover the mouse over each input node to see the data injection status from a certain data source, including data injection start time, duration and the number of output records. For the data source with injection errors or running over 24 hours, it will show in red color on the ingestion flow chart, so user can quickly identify abnormal data injections.

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