License Management Page

Apply for License #


Users can click the “Apply for License” button on the top right corner of the page and will be redirected to fill a form to apply for the Lucidum community license. If the contact information is valid, users will receive the license file in an email. For enterprise license, please contact Lucidum sales and customer support.


Add License #

Users can upload the license file or copy & paste the license code from the license file under Lucidum web UI: First, click the “Add License” button, then click “Choose File” and select the license file to upload to the web UI. The license status on this page will be updated if the license file is valid.



License Status #


License status includes the information below:

  • Licensed To: Licensee name
  • Licensed Type: License type (e.g., FULL, FREE, CLOUD, …)
  • Field Display: Lucidum UI may limit which fields to display depending on the license type, for example, risk scores may not be shown for the trial license
  • Features: Feature enabled under current license
  • Expiration: License expiration time (UTC)


License usage graphs show some license metrics including:

  • Daily License Usage: Number of assets discovered per day. Lucidum may change the license usage metrics in the future
  • Average License Usage: Average number of assets discovered in the past month. Lucidum may change the license usage metrics in the future

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