Lucium UI Login

User can input the username and password to log into the Lucidum web UI. The login session will be kept for 30 days if the user selects the “Stay signed in” option. The default password for the system “admin” user is 12345678, make sure to change this default password upon the first login in the “User Management” page.

Login with SSO #

Lucidum web UI supports login with the system user/password as well as through Okta SSO (Single-Sign on). Note that the user’s account needs to be configured by the Okta administrator beforehand, and the user’s account setting (e.g., user email) in Okta should be consistent with the setting in the Lucidum UI.

User can click the “Sign in with Okta” button on the Lucidum login page and will be redirected to the Okta sign-on page.

User then needs to input the Okta credentials. If the authentication with Okta is successful, the user will be logged into the Lucidum web UI automatically.

Login User Information #

Current username is shown on the top right corner of the web UI after the user logs in.

User can

  • Click “Change password” to change current user’s password
  • Click “Logout” to log out

The bell icon next to the username will show the number of system notifications on it (e.g., license expiration warnings, product usage tips, et. al.). User can click the icon to view the system alerts, messages and notifications.



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