System Setting

The System Setting page contains multiple setting sections. Each section can be updated and saved individually by clicking the “Update” button on the top right corner.

Data Settings #

Data Setting Description
Data retention in days Data retentions days in Lucidum database, by default, data will be kept for 30 days
Data lookback in days Data lookback days in data collection, by default, Lucidum will collect data from previous 7 days


Metrics Settings #

Metrics Setting Description
Metrics Log Interval


UI logging time interval, by default, Lucidum UI will generate the logs every 10 minutes


Query Settings #

Query Setting Description
Schedule Query Limit Number of maximum results saved for the scheduled queries (in the Job Manager)
Query History Limit Number of maximum queries saved in the Query History (under the Query Manager)


Mail Settings #

These are the settings for the sender email. Query scheduler will use this sender email to send out the reports.

Mail Setting Description
Host Sender email’s host name, e.g.,
Port Sender email’s port number, e.g., 587
User Name Sender email address
Password Sender email account’s password
Auth By default, mail sending authorization is enabled
Start TLS By default, Email sending TLS is enabled
SSL Trust By default, Email sending SSL Trust is enabled


LDAP Settings #

These are the settings for the LDAP role management, which can be obtained from the enterprise LDAP administrator.

LDAP Setting Description
LDAP User Dn Patterns LDAP User DN Patterns
LDAP Group Dn Patterns LDAP Group DN Patterns
LDAP Manager User LDAP Manager User
LDAP Manager Password LDAP Manager User Password
LDAP Password Attribute LDAP Password Attribute

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