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What’s New in Lucidum V2.4.0

  • New Connectors: Lucidum is able to fetch data from 7 more new sources

1. Add OSQuery Fleet to Connector API

2. Add TrendMicro Apex Central to Connector API

3. Add Redhat Satellite to Connector API

4. Add FireEye HX to Connector API

5. Add Tenable SC to Connector API

6. Add JupiterOne GraphQL to Connector API

7. Add MySQL table sources to Connector API

  • Product enhancements:

1. New Action Center with email integration to replace existing query scheduler

2. Add query sharing feature to UI Query Manager

3. Add query selection across different pages to UI Query Manager

4. Add query sorting feature to UI Query Manager

5. Add query export result limit to UI

6. Add AWS Inspector findings to EC2 outputs in Connector AWS

7. Add Tenable IO asset information to Tenable outputs in Connector API

8. Add MESDP OAuth2 configuration to MESDP connection in Connector API

9. Add PaloAlto Threat URL domain information to PaloAlto Threat outputs in Connector File

10. UI connector self-configurations: Enable system users to update existing connection credentials

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