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What’s New in Lucidum V2.5.0

  • Features:

1. Add asset graph visualization to the web UI details

2. Enable adding new connector and service through connector UI self-configuration

3. Add “within certain time period” operator to query builder

4. Add system manager, network interface, security groups, volume size, and EBS estimated costs to EC2 outputs in Connector AWS

5.Add AWS elastic cache, SNS, and workspaces data to Connector AWS

6.Add Google Chronicle to Connector API

7.Add API credential file upload function to connector self-configuration (e.g., JSON credential file for Google Chronicle API, Google Drive API, Google Cloud API, Google Chrome Manager API, et. al.)

8.Persist important information in database master asset/user lists (e.g., asset name, operating system, IP/MAC addresses, serial number; user name, user email, user department, user job title, et. al.)

9.Include last seen timestamps from different data sources into the merger outputs and enable the search on these timestamps under the web UI


  • Bug Fixes:

1.Optimize Lucidum web API request handling and enable API throttling limit

2. Use a one-time token for Okta SSO for better front-end security

3. Optimize AWS IAM, CloudTrail, and Inspector codes to reduce API requests

4.Add aws cli to Connector AWS docker image for EKS authentication

5.Improve error messaging and exception handling across all Connector AWS codes

6.Add auto-refresh after importing query into query management

7.Add query conflict warning when saving query with the same time to query library

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