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Lucidum and Seceon Join Forces to Deliver Managed CAASM Solutions to MSSPs Worldwide

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Providers & Resellers

You stay on top of the market, the trends, the tech

You’ve honed a one-stop advisory and pricing model

Your customer needs strategic guidance, a view of the battlefield, and they need it now
Lucidum delivers CAASM now.

Partner with Lucidum to give organizations confidence in managing their attack surface.

Why Partner with Lucidum

Experience comprehensive multitenant platform visibility that converges critical endpoint,
user, network, and Saas security functionalities.

Save time

On-board customers in minutes. Immediately use results in your customer’s existing platform and other tools.

One-stop solution for every kind of asset, everywhere

Legacy, bare-metal, on-prem, data centers, cloud, mobile, IoT, ephemeral, tomorrow’s technology: everything that stores, transmits, or processes data

Comprehensive integration

Complete visibility displayed in the systems your customer has already purchased and deployed. No new login, dashboard, training, or screens.

Partnership Benefits for
Service Providers

Shift Left (for real)

Your customer loves their SEIM, but you know detect is too late. Lucidum’s CAASM enables “pre-SEIM” alerting on vulnerabilities, coverage gaps, and holes in their protection.

Trusted Advisor

Deploy Lucidum and demonstrate tool efficacy and ROI. Deliver tangible, strategic insights to your valued customers. No more license shortages, portfolio misses, or leaving value unsold.

Multi-Partner Integration

Sell and deploy Lucidum directly or through existing partnerships with world-class managed service and managed security service providers.

Change leadership

Moving to the cloud? Not until you know what’s in the data center. App rationalization? Not until you know who’s using what and who owns them. Deploy Lucidum and lead your customer’s modernization, cloud-shift, or cost reduction changes.


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