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10 Biggest Threats to Cybersecurity in 2022

Every year, cybersecurity threats evolve alongside the technologies and systems they target. Sophistication often comes in the form of greater organization and more-targeted pursuits. Well-funded hacking groups are also able to wreak more havoc thanks to their...

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Why Is Cybersecurity So Important in Today’s World?

As technology evolves, it becomes more embedded in our lives in a wider variety of ways. Cybersecurity threats, therefore, pose a larger menace. They could potentially affect more aspects of life across larger networks of sensitive data. Today's cybersecurity threats...

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JaY Walkin Episode 1: Conferring on Conferences

Join Joel Fulton, CEO of Lucidum, and Yaron Levi, CISO of Dolby, for the first episode of JaY Walkin. Where Joel and Yaron walk in front of the traffic of security to discuss security, leadership, and everything in between while avoiding being hit by the threat bus....

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What Is Cybersecurity and What Are the Main Types?

EBOOK What Is Cybersecurity,and What Are the MainTypes of CybersecurityUsed Today?About this eBook:Cybersecurity has become a big business, precisely because businesses can't hope to function safely without it. Gartner estimates that spending on cybersecurity will...

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