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A Look Back at 2021 and Predictions for 2022

Chronicles of a Tech Startup   A year ago, we gave you our 2021 predictions. And in it, we predicted that at the end of the month everyone would be doing predictions and that nobody would even follow up on them. We called ourselves out for doing exactly what...

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The Importance of Asset Visibility

Why IT Departments Need Asset Visibility  Security teams recognize the importance of asset visibility. One of the main concerns that CISOs have shared with us is that "without knowing my territory, how can I defend it?". However, there is a lack of awareness...

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The Zero Trust Trap

Falling Into the Trap Like a hologram, Zero Trust’s benefits differ based on the observer’s perspective. Sales teams will tout work from anywhere with personal devices. Operations and finance desire the scalable, efficient, cloud-centric deployment. IT and Security,...

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How Lucidum Saves Cost in AWS

Reducing Amazon Web Services CostsEffectively monitoring and detecting resources in AWS can be a challenge to any enterprise. AWS provides a powerful and flexible computing environment, but sometimes the big cost numbers on the billing report can be a surprise....

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Discover and Identify Risks in Your OT/ICS Environments

Protect Your Environment from Unknowns Industrial and critical infrastructure (OT/ICS) organizations know that threats from adversaries are continuously evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Keeping an accurate inventory of all known and unknown assets can be a...

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The Beginning of Lucidum

Four years ago, Charles Feng and I met at a restaurant on the coast in California. We had known each other since 2012. We had built internal products together. Over lunch, we decided to build a company together. The question then was what will that company do?

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