Anshu Gupta | Lucidum

Anshu Gupta

CISO, Fast


Once we had this nightmare scenario of not knowing how many firewalls we had in the environment. And when you don’t have an accurate asset inventory, then you are not really protecting your network.

The biggest problem the enterprises have is visibility. They don’t really know what’s going on.

Lucidum is a solution which provides real value out of the gate.

As soon as you have visibility into your network, visibility in your device’s, visibility into the actors in your network, you can act upon it. Even from a pure management perspective, and there’s so many use cases for wanting management with license management, with having an accurate inventory, even from a financial perspective.

There’s so many use cases that a solution like Lucidum can help with.

You can enrich the data.
You can create specialized queries.
You can have dashboards.
You can have reporting.

All these when put together offer a complete solution.

Given the pedigree of the team, they have a strong technical background, especially the data science element. I wish I had a data science team supporting my security team, and Lucidum just provides that.

You don’t have to build your data science team. Lucidum is there for you.