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Meet the awesome people working with us at Lucidum.


Joel Fulton

Co-Founder & CEO

It’s a privilege to work with such a great group of talented and creative problem-solvers.

Charles Feng


Eager to see what this great team can do next working together to find unknowns.

Yulin Cai headshot with dog

Yulin Cai

Product Designer

It’s a great honor to grow with the Lucidum family!

Maria Cassar headshot

Maria Cassar

Head of Business Operations

It’s a thrill to be a part of Lucidum’s movement – consciously blazing new trails, incredible growth, and a truly exceptional team.

Employee photo Su Sai

Su Sai

DevOps and QA Manager

It is really exciting to be part of the Lucidum family. I have a feeling that all my experiences have prepared me for this moment.

Employee photo Kai Yan

Kai Yan

Director of Engineering

I am glad I joined Lucidum to work on the product. I like working with smart and focused people.

Brandon Shaw Headshot Lucidum Team

Brandon Shaw

Mid-Market Account Executive

Each day is a new chance to change the world for our clients – it’s what gets me going.

Jeremy Sherwood Headshot Lucidum Team

Jeremy Sherwood

Chief Product Officer

Being part of the Lucidum team means that I can create and shape an innovative product.

Employee photo Jenn Staretorp

Jenn Staretorp

Head of Marketing

I’m eager to help the world see how amazing Lucidum is.

Employee photo Shengwei Wang

Shengwei Wang

Backend Software Engineer

Security, thy name is Lucidum.

Employee photo Shuning Wu

Shuning Wu

Director of Data Science and Machine Learning

A startup, one team, one family – that’s Lucidum.

Kate Gibson

Director of Technical Communications

I love working with my smart, dedicated co-workers at Lucidum and helping our customers get the most out of our product.

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