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From the slightly obscure to the highly relevant — watch and learn.




From the slightly obscure to the highly relevant — watch and learn.


Our Intent

Please enjoy our creative catalogue. There’s something for everyone here.

Volume 21

2022 Predictions – Featuring Tromzo

Hear what Harshit Chitalia and Harshil Parikh, co-founders of Tromzo, have predicted for cybersecurity in 2022.

Volume 20

Avoiding Patch-tastrophies

Why is patching still a problem when we know a flaw exists?

Volume 19

Social Engineering Attacks

As security officers, we might imagine we’re impervious to being conned — but are we willing to bet the company on that?

Volume 18

A Curie for What Ails Thee

To know your true denominator you need more than a consolidated GUI of what you can already see. Just ask Marie Curie.

Volume 17

2021 Predictions

Our 2021 predictions go beyond specific — check out Lucidum’s month-by-month tour of your adventure next year.

Volume 16

Wincing Churchill

Winston Churchill was humiliated and forced home in shame for a tragic, devastating mistake… which?

Volume 15

Reflections and Thoughts

Dead mentors and enemies, holiday cocoa, oh my!

Volume 14

Being Bold is Beautiful

Will to win? Determination? All-in attitude? Yes, yes, and yes. Then how did the strategic genius fail?

Volume 13

The Colonel’s OODA Oevre

A summary of an interpretation of original wisdom isn’t just diminished; often, it’s reversed.

Volume 12

Stop Chasing Pirates in the Fog

Pirate or Ninja? Ninjas excel at not being seen. Pirates see everything. Run your tech like a pirate.

Volume 11

What Does John Snow Know

To any Game of Thrones fans, it turns out John Snow did know something.

Volume 10

The Mail Bag

A viewer response segment plea from Joel Fulton. Plus, when was the last time you thought critically about critical thought?

Volume 9

No More Unknown Unknowns

Lucidum has raised $4M seed investment from GGV Capital and Silicon Valley CISO Investments.

Volume 8

Custer’s Last Waterloo

Custer, Napoleon, you. What do you have in common with the biggest disasters in strategic history?

Volume 7

Marc Antony and Observability

Observability, logging, monitoring, alerting… Learn your lessons from Marc Antony and Cleopatra’s failure.

Volume 6

Bowls, Balls, Bones

Do you want to be right, or do you want to win? Lessons from Sun Tzu.

Volume 5

A Little Blood Letting

If you record yourself talk and share it with the world, you must think pretty highly of yourself… Not always true.

Volume 4


If you don’t know what Zerologon is… If your team is furiously working late nights to solve it…

Volume 3

Third and Fourth War Generations

Would you rather be invulnerable or invisible? When is it savvy to bring a knife to a gunfight?

Volume 2

First and Second War Generations

“If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles” – Sun Tzu

Volume 1

Laying the Groundwork

You’ve likely seen Sun Tzu in all the best techno-strategy presentations, but do you know how to use those lessons — really use them — to be successful?