In the most complicated environments.

Your attack surface is not just what’s connected to the internet, it’s not just your IOT or endpoints, it’s everything

 Lucidum’s proprietary Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) provides critical asset intelligence that unveils everything in your tech ecosystem: cloud, on-premise, BYOD, and loT — in seconds.

The Only Fully Integrated CAASM Solution

650+ connectors (more every week) inject directly with any SIEM or ITSM.  Streamlined integration with your workflow.

No More Broken Promises, Budgets, or Project Scope

Your projects aren’t easy. SSO, EDR, service management and more are slow and prone to error.  Complete your rollouts up to 75% faster with Lucidum.

We're better together.

Why would you want another single glass of pain? Other CAASM providers want to replace your SIEM or upgrade your spreadsheet. Those wild swings in day to day inventory that are your fault because ingestion failed? We don’t do that. We don’t disrupt your workflow, we serve it. We don’t fight your SIEM, we fit it.  


Systems and Identities You Cannot See

Lucidum opens your eyes to the main sources of data loss, security incidents, and mismanagement.


Available Integrations to Choose From

You’ll get amazing value out of 4-6 connections. But we don’t charge for connectors or ingestion, hook them all up!


Actual SIEM Cost Savings

Directly inject our CAASM into your SIEM. Cut costs through significantly reduced ingestion and streamlined computing. 

I've got one kind of everything and a bunch of sub-orgs. Help!

Tell us ‘go’ at breakfast and by lunch you’ll have peace of mind.

Need More Than Our Word On It?


The greatest difficulty in cybersecurity is identifying what exists where we're not looking... having the ability to understand the full breadth of what is on your network is paramount.

Adam Glick, Former CISO
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Experience the difference.

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Save Time While Savings Cost

Reduce data ingestion requirements by more than 400%.

Easy to Hook Up Integrations

Get up and running with our 650+ integrations.