Lucidum Users See Everything

What’s in your cloud?

Who’s on your system?

Where’s your data?

Lucidum’s patent-pending machine learning discovers, identifies, and classifies every asset, all data, and each user.

Lucidum is the only way to discover your unknown unknowns.

No Agents

No Scanners

No Data Ingest Fees

Ralph Pyne
Head of Security at NextRoll

"I expect our investment in Lucidum will yield a 10x ROI resulting from greater efficiency of other tools and a more accurate representation of the problems we need to solve."

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Gary Miller
Vice President & Head of Security at TaskUs

"By providing persistent hooks into all systems of record across our ever-changing environment, Lucidum gives us an always-on, centralized asset register that brings IT utopia within reach."

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Ian Amit
Chief Security Officer at Cimpress

"Asset discovery needs to be as close to perfection as possible without compromises. Lucidum approaches this problem in a more competitive way by shedding light on the dark corners or our environment to allow us to know what’s there. It's a trust-but-verify approach that is sorely missing today."

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Adam Glick
CISO at Rocket Software

"The greatest difficulty in cybersecurity is identifying what exists where I'm not looking, so having the ability to understand the full breadth of what is on your network is paramount. With the caliber of the Lucidum team combined with the power of its platform, it's a fantastic opportunity to invest in the company."

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Elwin Wong
CISO at Ross Stores, Inc.

"If we've never seen it before, we don't know its risk or its impact if exploited. Even for assets we can identify, we also need to know the type of device, what software it's running, what vulnerabilities exist and the data on the asset. Lucidum automatically gives leaders all of that information not only to protect it, but make the right decisions on appropriate actions we should take."

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