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Spend less on ingestion.

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Supercharge your SIEM with Lucidum’s nonreplicable, machine learning powered critical asset intelligence that unveils everything in your tech ecosystem: cloud, on premise, byod, and loT — in seconds.

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Say goodbye to 90-minute triage routines and hello to saving precious time. Lucidum answers all triage questions inside your SIEM and streamlines workflows into a single click. 

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(and banks) because of data.

Once you master the art of managing your ingestion, you’ll find it’s the secret to cost control. No more spinning on the ingest-more-pay-more rollercoaster. 

We're better together.

Lucidum helps you reignite the flame with your SIEM solution. Get in front of digital disruptions with unprecedented speed and accuracy so you can strengthen your SOC capacity and maximize your throughput.


Reduction in ingestion requirements

Lucidum answers all triage questions inside your pre-existing SIEM. No frills, no feathers, and no fluff.


Integrations to choose from

Lucidum’s data group is tiny, imposes no cost increases for ingestion and removes uninformative data feeds.


Growth in service offerings and retention

Partners deliver accurate and thorough answers, eliminating excessive training and additional app logins. 

Get as close to SIEM perfection as possible without compromise.

There’s your SIEM, and then there’s your SIEM on Lucidum. 

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The greatest difficulty in cybersecurity is identifying what exists where we're not looking... having the ability to understand the full breadth of what is on your network is paramount.

Ian Amit, CISO
Rocket Software

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Save Time While Savings Cost

Reduce data ingestion requirements by more than 400%.

Save Time While Savings Cost

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