JaY Walkin Episode 1: Conferring on Conferences

JaY Walkin

Join Joel Fulton, CEO of Lucidum, and Yaron Levi, CISO of Dolby, for the first episode of JaY Walkin. Where Joel and Yaron walk in front of the traffic of security to discuss security, leadership, and everything in between while avoiding being hit by the threat bus. In this episode of JaY Walkin, Joel and […]

Social Engineering Attacks

As security officers, we might imagine we’re impervious to being conned — but are we willing to bet the company on that? 

A Curie for What Ails Thee

To know your true denominator you need more than a consolidated GUI of what you can already see. Just ask Marie Curie. 

2021 Predictions

Our 2021 predictions go beyond specific — check out Lucidum’s month-by-month tour of your adventure next year. 

Wincing Churchill

Winston Churchill was humiliated and forced home in shame for a tragic, devastating mistake… which? 

Being Bold is Beautiful

Will to win? Determination? All-in attitude? Yes, yes, and yes. Then how did the strategic genius fail? 

The Colonel’s OODA Oevre

A summary of an interpretation of original wisdom isn’t just diminished; often, it’s reversed.