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Source data into Lucidum via read-only API from 550+ sources. ML merge, triangulate, classify, and enrich. Lucidum pushes identities, systems, and context into Sumo Logic. 

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No new logins or UIs. Same workflows, superfast queries. If you wanted slow, you would’ve stuck with Sumo Logic. If you wanted clogged, you would’ve had bacon.

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You ask a lot of Sumo Logic. Sumo Logic asks even more of you. Transform 90-minute alert workflows into instant answers, and get everything you need in your own Sumo Logic environment at your fingertips.

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Strop struggling to get a clearer view of your environment. Shifting assets, users, and data means your unknowns are constantly changing. With Lucidum, let go of unnecessary complexities for a clearer vision.

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