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Tax on SSO??

In the spirit of Tax Day, we’re offering you something refreshingly simple: Lucidum’s Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. Like finding a hidden tax deduction, our SSO service simplifies your login process without any hidden fees or complicated setups. Why not give your security setup a break it deserves?

Wait... 'Tax-Free' Single Sign-On?

Why not lighten your load with our 'Tax-Free' Single Sign-On (SSO) integration? At Lucidum, enabling SSO is straightforward and comes with no additional costs—making it as refreshing as finding a tax deduction when you least expect it! But what does that look like?

Seamless Integration:

  • Lucidum supports a wide range of SSO providers, allowing you to integrate seamlessly with tools like Okta. 
  • Simply enter your identity provider details in the Lucidum integration tool, and we handle the rest, ensuring a smooth configuration process managed primarily by our customer support. 

Effortless User Management:

  • Create and manage user accounts easily through our user management interface. Assign roles, manage permissions, and ensure all your team members have the access they need without the usual administrative headache. 

Here’s How Simple It Is:

  1. Integration: You receive a custom URL to our integration tool, where you’ll input details from your identity provider. 
  2. User Setup: Navigate to User Management to add users, toggling SSO on for seamless login using your existing SSO solution. 
  3. Enjoy!

The greatest difficulty in cybersecurity is identifying what exists where we're not looking... having the ability to understand the full breadth of what is on your network is paramount.

Adam Glick, Former CISO Rocket Software