Integrating Lucidum with your SIEM solution means addressing security gaps before they are exploited.

Broaden your horizon

Deploy unique services for your MSSP practice in the way you want and at the margins you deserve. The sky’s the limit.

Set yourself apart

Make it tough for the competition by offering tailored services that appeal and reveal in ways no one else can.

Simplify the stack

No more mixing and matching tools that don’t play well together and worse – can leave you with gaping security holes.

Just plug it in

Our Partners seamlessly integrate with customers’ existing data sources, tools, and workflows. Plug Lucidum in and press go.

No need to tip

Automated metered billing meets you where your customers are. Ingest as much as you like because the price never changes.

You're welcome
With Lucidum, the more value and offerings our Partners create, the easier it is for them to make money. It’s pretty sweet. 

Become a Lucidum Partner

Don't settle for short sighted solutions and missed connections.

Tap the buddy system
Do more than just recommend a new tool. With Lucidum, you can provide immediate value where enterprises need it most with just one look.
Discover new sights
Get complete visibility of legacy, cloud, mobile, IoT, and more in the systems you already use. No agents and no scanners. And the integration is always free.
Get precise
We ingest your entire ecosystem’s data in one instance, in your environment, under your control. No more struggling to get a clearer view.
Partner News
Lucidum and Seceon Join Forces to Deliver Managed CAASM Solutions to MSSPs Worldwide

Collaborating with Lucidum allows our partner MSSPs to better manage their customer's cyber asset attack surface and improve cyber security posture through our integrated solution.

Chandra Pandey, CISO