Lucidum delivers a complete, accurate, and continuously updated CMDB that leave our customers no more unknown unknowns that allows you to precisely, efficiently, effectively solve your problem, with peace in mind.


Ingest any data

Lucidum is an open API, data ingestion platform that ingests any data from your IT and security operations, management, protection, and detection solutions, including structured and unstructured data from your data lake, through API, static files, whether on-prem or cloud. Your data lake is not textbook quality? Lucidum does not care, we ingest your data as they are, letting our machine learning get to work.

Ingest any data

Intuitive, flexible query builder

Quickly formulate questions and immediately receive answers with Lucidum’s straight-forward, easy-to-use query builder and lightning-fast database. Schedule these queries and have Lucidum alert you – even via Slack! Save queries, share them with other team members – or even on the Lucidum Community Forum.

Intuitive, flexible query builder


The days of deploying agents that will only detect a small portion of your assets are done. Use Lucidum's proprietary ML/AI technology to triangulate, identify and classify every user, data, and asset in your environment. Endpoint, cloud, server, IOT... we will find it all, regardless of operating system or storage capabilities.

No scanners

Tired of the stress that comes with scanning for assets? Lucidum deploys with no scanners and with no risk to your operations, up-time, or even fragile systems. Get a complete, accurate and contextualized asset list without upsetting operations.

Action Enabled

Now that you have a complete, comprehensive, and continuous denominator of every asset in your environment, you will want to act on what you see. Be notified instantly when a discovered asset is found that does not meet your expectations. Automatically quarantine, deploy an agent, or have tickets generated in your Service Now, JIRA, or other service desk portal. Enrich your SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management) with comprehensive contextual accelerating your investigations and remediation. Do not want yet another screen? Use Lucidum as the sole source of truth, directly and continuously feeding to the management or security tool of choice.  

Open Source

Lucidum values the Open Source and it is at the core of how we build our products. We are committed to share key portions of the software that powers Lucidum platform under the Apache License, Version 2.0. We believe that by welcoming a broad community of software developers, IT and security architects, engineers, analysts, and cloud native developers, we can accelerate the adoption of cloud security, data security and privacy best practices.

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