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We Are CAASM – Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

Lucidum empowers your cybersecurity team to discover everything: users, assets, data.

We Got Your 6′ (And Your 360°)

Lucidum was built by cybersecurity experts on a mission to gain full visibility into their tech ecosystem. We take pride in our innovative platform, and we’re thrilled each time we offer our customers the ability to see and understand what was formerly lurking just off the radar.

We put everything in your sights, giving you the power to understand what it is and what it’s doing. Understand the lay of your tech landscape, lock onto threats, and keep your perimeter secure — all empowering you to defend and dominate your space in an increasingly threatening world.

  • Our Story
  • Mission Possible
  • Why We Do It

Our Origin Story

Unknowns kept us up at night.

Lucidum co-founder Joel Fulton knew that you can’t defend against threats you can’t see, and you can’t secure a perimeter when there are backdoors you don’t know about. Ignorance is insecurity, but knowledge is power. We shine a light on everything coming into and going out of your space, so you can always know the lay of the land …and sleep better at night.

Mission Impossible

The mission, as we chose to accept it, was to solve the problem everyone else couldn’t: asset discovery …and we mean 100% asset discovery. We built a platform capable of asset cataloging and asset management all in one space, while helping you perform cybersecurity vulnerability mitigation against your biggest risks.

We deliver the power to discover and describe your unknowns.

Why We Do It

As a team of experienced cybersecurity professionals, we know firsthand the dangers that you face from not knowing your unknowns.

Check out our engaging video series to learn how we make it all happen …and why we love what we do.

Stop Guessing, Start Knowing

Lucidum empowers your cybersecurity team to discover everything: users, assets, data.

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Thank You to Our Boosters

We couldn’t have gotten to where we were without the help of our funding partners.
Lucidum is honored to have the faith of our investors.

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