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Technology Services Company Uncovers 800+ Unknown Assets with Lucidum

Most enterprise-sized organizations rely on multiple isolated data sources to compile asset information critical to effectively manage security, compliance, costs, and many other areas of IT. But this approach leaves massive blind spots


IT Services Company with 60,000+ known assets


Massive blind spots in asset inventory hamper IT cost, compliance, and security


Lucidum Platform


Improved asset visibility by 70% in less than two weeks

This is why one CIO at a technology services company turned to Lucidum to achieve a high-priority goal of verifying the accuracy of his asset inventory as 2020 came to a close.

The Challenge

With more than 60,000 assets across workstations, on premises and cloud, relying on sources including Jamf Pro, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, SolarWinds Orion, Active Directory, and Manage Engine Desktop Central, left this organization with inaccurate and inconsistent asset information in its configuration management database (CMDB).

Getting to Work, Quickly

The Lucidum platform lives off the land to discover the unknown assets, users, and data in an organization. It does this by using existing and readily-available infrastructure such as a data lakes, siloed application repositories, or spreadsheets, without requiring agents or scans. Using patent-pending machine learning and AI algorithms, the platform triangulates, detects, and classifies assets to provide IT and security teams with the full visibility they need to take action.

Once deployed at this IT services company, the Lucidum platform began to automatically generate and deliver customized and detailed asset inventory reports to the IT team on a daily basis. These reports enable the IT team to proactively and continuously take corrective actions that enhance the organization’s asset inventory.

Every day, this exercise compares the total number of assets identified by Lucidum with the number of assets in the organization’s CMDB to continuously measure and erase the blind spots in asset inventory.

The Results

In just twelve days, the number of unknown assets at this organization dropped from 13% to 4%, marking a 70% improvement in asset visibility. Moreover, Lucidum’s automatic query-based reporting capability reduces the manual work required to verify and reconcile inconsistent asset information from different systems, saving precious time and resources.


The next step for this organization is to complete its path towards 100% compliance on enterprise asset management. And the Lucidum platform is already mapping-out the rest of that journey.

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