Cybersecurity Excellence Multi-Award Winner | Lucidum

Cybersecurity Excellence Multi-Award Winner

Lucidum has been recognized by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor companies, services, and individuals that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in the information security sector. Produced by Cybersecurity Insiders, this worldwide award program taps into the vast experience of over 500,000+ cybersecurity professionals. Nominees are awarded based on the strength of ratings and comments from members of the Information Security Community. With that being said, Lucidum is proud to announce that we won FIVE gold Excellence awards:

Lucidum Awarded Gold for:
Best Cybersecurity Startup 2022

Lucidum Awarded Gold for:
Best Cybersecurity Company 2022

Lucidum Awarded Gold for:
Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company 2022

Lucidum Awarded Gold for:
Chief Executive Officer of the Year 2022

Lucidum Awarded Gold for:
Cybersecurity Executive of the Year 2022

Lucidum sets itself apart by extrapolating insights about people, assets, and data, using Machine Learning, and taking all of the tools enterprise security professionals already invest in to create a limitless view into their attack surfaces.

Lucidum can connect with any data source, including manually assembled spreadsheets, to remove blindspots. The platform automates the analysis of consolidated information to reveal the true risks — allowing organizations to prioritize the extrapolated data, rather than manually researching.

Unlike our competitors, Lucidum is able to record ephemeral assets that disappear after a short period of time. These assets are quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception and a vulnerability could be easily missed if not monitored. Lucidum’s platform garners a complete view of the attack surface including these ephemeral assets.

We are honored to be recognized as a leader in the industry and continue to innovate in the cybersecurity landscape. None of this success would be possible without our dedicated team and our strong leaders.

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards recognized our CEO, Joel Fulton, as 2022’s Cybersecurity CEO and Executive of the year. His tenacity and drive have blazed the trail for new possibilities. The Lucidum team will continue to leverage our platform’s limitless visibility to discover, triangulate, and identify all cyber assets in a company’s network and we look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Best Cybersecurity COMPANY Award - LUCIDUM

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