Forward Networks

What is Forward Networks? #

Forward Enterprise from Forward Networks analyzes and verifies network behaviors and security posture, to proactively surface configuration errors and policy intent violations. Based on a mathematical model, the Forward Enterprise digital twin is a virtual representation of the entire network, capable of computing every possible path a packet could take. Using the digital twin, the platform can compare the intent of the network designers to actual end-to-end behavior in order to expose any inconsistencies.

Why Should You Use the Forward Networks Connector? #

The Forward Networks connector provides visibility into network state and network configuration. You can use this visibility to:

  • ensure networks are managed per your security policies

  • ensure network hardware is managed per your security policies

  • monitor vulnerabilties affecting networks and network hardware

How Does This Connector Work? #

Lucidum executes read-only requests to the Forward Networks REST API and ingests only meta-data about Forward Networks. Lucidum does not retrieve any data stored on your assets.

Configuring the Connector in Lucidum #





The hostname of the server for Forward Networks .


The port on the Forward Networks server. Default port is 443.



User name for a Forward Networks account with read access.



The password for the Forward Networks account.


Verify SSL.

For future use.


Source Documentation #

Creating Credentials #

Contact your Lucidum Sales Representative for help creating credentials in Forward Networks.

Required Permissions #

Contact your Lucidum Sales Representative for help with permissions.

API Documentation #