Zscaler Deception

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Zscaler Deception (formerly Smokescreen IllusionBLACK) is a deception-based threat detection platform delivered as part of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange. Zscaler Deception uses decoys/honeypots to detect advanced in-network threats that have bypassed existing defenses. Zscaler Deception detects compromised users, stops lateral movement, and defends against human-operated ransomware, hands-on keyboard threats, supply chain attacks, and malicious insiders.

Parameters #

  • URL (required): The URL of the Zscaler Deception API

  • API Key (required): Zscaler Deception API key. The API key must have View Agents / Landmines permissions.

  • Verify SSL (optional, default is false): Verify the SSL certificate or not